Be a Vacuum head

Going to a miniature modelling competition is always an eye-opener. I ‘ve in fact been to a few competitions-actually took part in them and actually fortunate enough to win some awards. For fun or to compete, it is always interesting to visit them in your area if there is one.

There you can view and talk to fellow modellers about modelling and painting. It is always useful to learn new tips and tricks. If you are lucky, there might be some modelling workshops there too. Learning new tips will definitely improve your skill level and knowledge about miniature modelling and painting.


Snap photos

One way to improve is by studying other people’s models. So take snap shots of the works of winners and professional modellers-go back home, study and compare with the works that you have done.

Soon you will notice the attention to details put in by those modellers and appreciate the amount of work that have been put in to attain that effect. Understanding why they stand out among others will definitely push you to go the next level at improving your painting and modelling skill.


Be Inspired

There are definitely something that will grab your attention in a modelling competition-subjects that you never expect or thought about. It is also a breath of fresh air when you look at the variety of subjects each modeller is trying to convey. Of the hundreds of entries, there will be a few which will stand out among others.

The miniature models which grabs the most attention is the one that is most likely that works the best. That is the direction I think one should take as a guide and expand upon. Trying to attain at least a fraction of what is really working and attention grabbing is definitely a step towards improving oneself.

Taking part

Once you are confident enough, try taking part in modelling competition. I have 2 reasons on why competitions are a positive thing for miniature modellers:

  • You can effectively set a deadline and goal to finish your miniature projects
  • The exposure and interaction with other modellers will inspire and motivate you

I heard many guys who always say that winning is not important- yes that is partly true. Once you have some experience being a competitor, you will soon realise that getting an award is not that difficult after all.

I personally believe that the idea of taking part in a competition is to try and win at least something - that is the gauge on whether I have improved or not. Competing are one of the best ways to motivate and improve yourself in this hobby.

Do remember, don’t get disappointed if you don’t win anything at first, it’s the amount of knowledge that you bring back home that will matter most because by the next competition you will be able to showcase what you have learned.

Even if you do not take part, just by being there and making the effort to listen to other modellers will greatly help.

The other good thing about visiting a miniature modelling competition is meeting and making friends along the way- you’ll be surprised whom you will meet!

                A workshop by pro-modeller Calvin Tan.