This process is when you need to produce a certain number of miniatures in the quickest possible time. You normally will read about batch painting in Games Workshop articles where collecting an army where the uniforms are of a standard colour.

Personally I have used batch painting for 28mm Games Workshop miniatures as well as 1/35 scale military miniatures. Batch painting only lets your miniatures look good at a distance-due to lesser attention to details on the miniature figures.


Of course if you place a longer time frame to finish the figures, a better quality can be achieved. What happens in batch painting is when you paint the all the figures in a systematic way by using one colour to paint all the heads first then followed by all the helmets than all uniforms etc... just like in mass production plant.

As far as I can comment, batch painting speeds up the time to complete a a large quantity of miniatures but sacrifices on the quality of the painted miniatures. The last time I tried batch painting was to meet the deadline for a competition. It's pretty effective method if you have a limited time to finish or working on a diorama with many similar miltary figures.

The process is similar to painting a single miniature except that the focus is lesser on each miniature but more of an army. If you require to complete quantity number of figures, then batch painting will work for you.

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