About the Author

Hello, My name is Sharif. I live in the tropical island of Singapore (we have 3 seasons here-hot, hotter, hottest!) and I’m 34 years old. Many years back when I started to rekindle the old hobby of miniature modelling, I wanted to build a diorama about a scene in Somalia but did not know how to start.

I bought a box of plastic figures, 2 vehicles and a flat piece of plywood as a base to start. Then I stared at the blank piece of plywood for a few minutes and gave up!

Well, after my hobby had spend a few years in hibernation, one fine day I got inspired to start all over again after discovering plenty of articles on modelling from the internet.

Even so, I had a pretty tough time getting up to speed with the various techniques and mediums that I wanted to try out. This time my hobby endured and I continued on. It still took me a long while - even after buying different various paints to experiment with I had to slowly learn. It took me many months to compile articles and tips on modelling- before I saw improvements in my hobby.

It also took time for me to filter what ideas from internet forums work and what don’t. That was the main reason that inspired me to establish this website-focus on what works best and slash the time to digest workable tips and techniques.

I’m just an avid modeller with a hunger to share and learn anything and everything about miniature modelling. 2007-2008 was a fruitful year for me cause after taking part in a few modelling competitions, it really opened my eyes to how much more there is to learn and improve simply by listening and learning from other modellers.

If you notice some of the techniques presented on this website vaguely familiar, well that is because it is a concoction techniques from different miniature modellers that I have come across over time.

This website is a collection of ideas and tips on basic modelling of miniature figures. The topics here borders from the beginner to the intermediate level in miniature modelling and painting. There are many ways to approach a subject but the basic fundamentals are all the same and that is the core message for this website.

If you are a beginner trying to take baby steps or a miniature modeller trying to refresh your memory on painting or modelling, I hope this is the place that can help you out.

I hope you provide feedback or leave some comments on how I can improve this website. Thanks and happy modelling!

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