Resin and Plastic Figure Manufacturers

1/35 and various scale miniatures

Alpine miniatures-
Established: 2004 Type: Resin
Alpine Miniatures is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to provide military modelers around the world with the best resin figures in a variety of subjects. The company was launched in 2004 by Taesung Harmms, a figure sculptor.

Dragon Models-
Established: 1987 Type: Plastic
DML was established in 1987 to manufacture plastic Model Kits according to its own designs, and then export them to all parts of the globe via agents in different countries.

Established: 1960s Type: Plastic
Italeri S.p.A. was founded in the early 1960s with an energy that only an unstoppable and young passion could develop.

Established: 2006 Type: Plastic
"Master Box " Ltd is a dynamically developing enterprise. We have the opportunity to independently produce all the necessary equipment for the manufacturing of models; from the development of the design and documentation to the packaging of the finished goods.

Mig Productions-
Established: 2002 Type: Resin
The Mig Productions Company was born during the middle of 2002. The goal of Mig Productions was to fill a vast empty space in the military modelling world.


Established: 2001 Type: Plastic
Our company �MiniArt� was founded only 6 years ago, in 2001. Now this is a trade mark which produces perfect products which have found their customs in many countries all over the world.

Established: 1948 Type: Plastic
Since our start with educational wooden models in 1948, Tamiya has unswervingly striven to be "First in Quality Around the World".

Established: 2000 Type: Plastic
DearModelers! After many years of development, Trumpeter is now an internationally recognized injection molded plastic model kit manufacturer. We have progressed rapidly in the tooling and production of unique subjects in excellent detail and quality and wish to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support and response.

Verlinden Productions-
Established: 1980s Type: Resin
Verlinden Productions is the world standard in state-of-the-art military and related resin accessory kits and detail ad-ons. You will not find a more diverse selection of military products anywhere.

Established: 1990 Type: Plastic
It's fifteen years since "Zvezda" lease enterprise was registered in July, 1990 and from then on it has won the recognition and the well-deserved authority at the international market.

28mm miniature figure Manufacturers

Majestic Bear Miniatures-

Games Workshop-

Reaper Miniatures-



Alternate armies-

Elite Miniatures-

Figure Sizes and scales

Generally the there are 2 different types of classification for miniature figures. Scaling is used for the modelling world while size is used for the Historical miniature standards. Scaling is a method that uses a metric system to scale down from an actual person.

Popular model scaling such as 1/35 or 1:35 are one fine example which means the same thing. The use of size measurement is however different in that a 54mm miniature figure is actually measured from the soles of the feet up to the eye level. Yes, the eye level and not the top of the head.

For many of us who are not aware of this metric systems, assume for example that a 54mm is equal to a 1/32 scale figure. That is however far from being accurate . Below is a more accurate comparison of the different scales versus sizes list.

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